Hi, I'm Dion!

I’m a T-shaped marketer specialized in PPC, with over 9 years of experience. Getting business owners like you results and grow your business is what I live for.

Dion Pereira
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Results come first

You don’t just want more traffic, you want sales. Down the line, the value generated through PPC needs to be higher than the ad spend + my fees, so you can make a profit and grow your business.

Get ready to scale

I want to grow your business and take it to the next level. Don’t be surprised if you need to hire more people or expand your store/production line.

We're both humans

My clients and I share holiday pictures, memes and sometimes call without even discussing work. We don’t need to become best friends, but why not surround yourself with fun people?

We Keep It Simple

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Your Dream. My Mission.

Make the world a better place through digital marketing

Quality of life (especially freedom) is important to me. The quality of life of your customers, you, people that are less fortunate, and myself. I love working with businesses that offer a solution and improve their customer’s quality of life.

By growing your business, I can help improve your and your customer’s quality of life at the same time. I frequently donate (money/food/clothes) to help people in Bali (Indonesia). That way, you in return contribute to their and my quality of life as well. 

Sounds like a win-win-win-win to me!

My story

I never really knew what I wanted to become when I grow up (whatever that means). I tried several jobs and lived the 9-5, but I felt like I was just joining the rat race. I was living for the weekend..

After traveling 6 months to Bali (Indonesia), I knew I couldn’t go back to that life. So I looked for a job in digital marketing, to be able to eventually work remotely as a freelancer.

9 years later, I am now specialized in PPC and a Google Partner, able to work remotely, work together with other freelancers and best of all, choose the clients I want to work with.

Meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

Its not just me (anymore)

Dion Pereira

Founder and Senior PPC expert


Senior PPC expert
"As Marketing Director at 4me I worked with Dion for more than a year now. He is taking care of our Google and LinkedIn ads. I appreciate his pro-active suggestions for improvements and his over-all engagement. He is also open to get familiar with new systems and research to find solutions."
Annette Großer
Marketing Director - 4me
"After working together with a marketing agency for a while, we were looking for a Google Ads specialist. The personal approach was hard to find at the marketing agency and the performance was also mediocre.

In the first month of our collaboration with Dion, he proved that he is a true specialist in Google Ads and everything that comes with it. Within 1 month he reduced the cost-per-lead 3x, significantly increased the volume and we optimized the landing pages together.

The best thing about our collaboration with Dion is that he actively thinks along with your business. It's not a "you ask, we run". He is really involved with your business and the results and comes up with good suggestions for testing and optimisation.

In addition to the great results, communication with Dion is also very pleasant. He explains everything clearly, is very pleasant and you can have a good laugh with him.

In recent years we have worked with many freelancers and marketing agencies, Dion stands head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks for everything Dion!"
Bas & Jeroen Meijerink
Founders - Een Maatje Minder
"We have been working with Dion for several months regarding our SEA campaigns. In a very short time, he has been able to use our budget much better and our costs per lead are more than 4x lower than at the end of 2022! In addition, we score a large number of extra conversions per month! Dion delivers what he promises and knows his stuff. I highly recommend him!"
Joris Meesters
Co-Founder - JS Trouwauto's
"A good Google Ads specialist not only sends as many visitors as possible to the website, but guarantees with the right advertisements that the visits actually lead to conversions. We used to arrange our SEA internally, but since we started working with Dion, we have only really seen a significant increase in the number of conversions. The proof that you need SEA expertise to achieve results and it's not something you just "do it on the side". Deploying an external SEA specialist can be a challenge when specific product knowledge is required, but we have found a mode in this by writing the ad texts ourselves and having them fine-tuned by Dion. In this way we guarantee our tone-of-voice and Dion ensures that we achieve the right results with the advertisements!"
Anouk Mulders
Marketing Manager - Hoffelijk
"Very high level of knowledge, fast communication and gets the most out of everything. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to take the next step online!"
Ralf van Veen
Founder - Up Agency
"It was very pleasant to work with Dion last year, he and his colleague always respond quickly and are happy to think along with you. They have all the knowledge and skills you expect from a Digital Marketing Specialist agency. The reporting/analysis of the activities and its impact that is provided monthly is very valuable and provides the information you need to properly monitor campaigns."
Stefan Huissteden
Owner - Huissteden Naaimachines
"It was pleasent working together with Dion and with the expected results. Definitely recommended 👍💪"
Kevin Zeelen
Founder - Kitchen Perfect
"It was great working together with Dion. He knows his stuff, cares about your business, gives suggestions, shows initiative and communicates well. I can definitely recommend him!"
Remco Colaris
Owner - RC Car Care
JS Trouwautos
Ralf van Veen
Kevin Zeelen

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Businesses I've helped to grow

I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses, including small businesses and large enterprises, as well as both consumer-oriented and business-to-business businesses, with a focus on lead generation and eCommerce.

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