Turn traffic into customers.

Stop wasting money on Google Ads and get the most out of your marketing budget with a certified expert. Take your business to the next level and increase your sales with higher quality search traffic.

My services

Google Ads management

Full-service, ongoing management of your Google Ads account. I develop an appropriate action plan and structure the account, test and implement optimizations, and provide insightful monthly reporting.


Boost your eCommerce business through opening up to a new customer base. By going where your customers already are, you can turn new buyers into loyal customers.

“The best thing about our collaboration with Dion is that he actively thinks along with your business”

With more than 8 years of experience with Google Ads, I know how to properly structure an account, write winning ads and get the most out of your marketing budget. This is all very important to achieve success with Google Ads.

But what really distinguishes me is in actively thinking along with your business. How can we increase your conversion rate? Maybe it’s time for a rebranding? But also how we can improve your work process or tips for your holiday to Bali are common conversion topics when working with me.

  • Show your ads to people who are already looking for your product/service
  • At the top Google search results in no-time
  • Higher Quality Search Traffic
  • Only pay when someone clicks on your ad
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting

Why work with me?

My winning approach

Are we a match?
In a 20-30 min call, we look at your challenges as well as your opportunities. Is this something I can help you with? How much marketing budget do you have? Can I add enough value?
PPC action plan
Based on our conversation and a scan of your Google Ads and Google Analytics account, I will develop and present an action plan and specify how I will level up your Google Ads game.
Account build
A structurally sound, best-practice based account build is the first step to success. From setting up conversion tracking to writing winning ads.
Optimize, grow, repeat.
Let the fun begin! Now your campaigns are launched, it's time to collect data. That's right, data. It takes about 2-3 months to collect enough data to see which keywords, ads and audiences are converting well compared to the rest. Once there's enough data, I can start optimizing and improve the results. You'll get a user friendly report every month that is full of insights.

What my clients say about me

Ben je het zat om in het duister te tasten over de effectiviteit van uw traditionele marketingcampagnes? Als dat het geval is, is het tijd om te gaan investeren in digital advertising die waardevolle resultaten voor jouw bedrijf opleveren. Check hieronder de voordelen van digital advertising die jouw bedrijf zal ervaren wanneer je deze bewezen marketingstrategie gaat inzetten.

U kunt uw advertenties richten op een bepaald online marktsegment en uw doelgroep filteren op locatie, interesses of leeftijd. Met Google Ads kunt u zich ook richten op de exacte zoekwoorden die betrekking hebben op uw bedrijf.

Digital advertising werkt vaak met Pay Per Click (PPC), wat inhoudt dat je per bezoeker naar jouw website betaald. Je betaald dus niet zoals bij TV of de krant voor het laten zien van jouw advertentie aan honderden, zo niet duizenden, mensen voor wie de advertentie niet relevant is.

Met digital advertising kun je exact zien welke zoekwoorden / advertensies / doelgroepen goed werken en welke niet. Zo betaal je dus niet voor iets wat niet werkt (mits je het goed bijhoudt).

Als adverteerder heb je een hoop data tot je beschikking. Zo kun je onder andere zien hoeveel advertentiebudget je hebt uitgegeven en waaraan, hoeveel conversies er hebben plaatsgevonden via jouw digital advertising campagnes en of het onder de streep rendabel is.

Let's work together!