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Connect with your ideal customers at the right moment through data-driven Google Ads campaigns.

Maximize ROI on your Google Ads campaigns with the guidance of a seasoned Google Ads expert.

How does Google Ads work?

And more importantly, how to make it profitable

When people search online for a product or service you offer, Google Ads displays your ad alongside their search results. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad—making it a cost-effective method of advertising.

To turn a profit, we meticulously research keywords, craft compelling ads, and optimize landing pages to ensure that when potential customers click, they’re met with an offer that resonates, driving them to take action.

By continuously analyzing and refining campaign strategies based on actual data, we ensure that your investment not only returns but also multiplies, enhancing your business’s online presence and profitability.

How Google Ads will grow your business:

SEA vacature

Get one step ahead of your competitors when your ideal target audience is actively looking for your product of service. With your laser-focused ad at the top of the search results, you can offer exactly what they’re looking for.

Social media advertising demands capturing the attention of users who may not yet know your product or brand. In contrast, Google Ads seizes upon user search intent—reaching customers already in pursuit of your offerings. By combining a relevant ad, a landing page that matches and a good offer, you have a recipe for success!

In traditional print or TV advertising, you pay a flat rate without clear insights into the ad’s performance. Who saw it, and who acted upon it? Google Ads offers a transparent solution—you only pay per click, with detailed reports showing exactly how many engaged with your ad and the actions they took, such as:

  • Completing a contact form
  • Requesting a quote
  • Making a purchase

80% toename omzet

Huissteden’s journey in the sewing machine industry is a testament to successful adaptation and growth through Google Ads. Their e-commerce platform, backed by a strong 35-year reputation and excellent customer ratings, faced a new challenge with post-Covid market shifts. They needed to sustain their sales surge without their original Google Ads manager.

Enter a targeted approach: an account audit pinpointed key opportunities, streamlining costs by optimizing successful campaigns and ceasing less effective ones. Implementing a target ROAS bid strategy with shared budgets allowed for flexible funding of the highest-performing ads, maximizing visibility and profitability.

The introduction of Performance Max campaigns, though initially met with mixed results, ultimately outshone previous Google Shopping efforts after careful adjustments and data analysis. Further expanding into marketplaces proved challenging due to competitive pricing, leading to a strategic pivot to comparison websites. This move was a resounding success, boosting website revenue by 129% with only a 47% cost increase.

For your business, this story illustrates a strategic, data-driven approach to Google Ads—fine-tuning to market changes and customer behavior, optimizing ad spend, and diversifying advertising platforms. With such expertise, imagine the potential growth and sustained success your business could experience in the evolving digital landscape.

Why work with me

As a Google Ads specialist more than 9 years of experience, I know how to properly structure an account, write winning ads and get the most out of your marketing budget. This is all very important to achieve success with Google Ads.

But what really distinguishes me is in actively thinking along with your business. How can we increase your conversion rate? Maybe it’s time for a rebranding? But also how we can improve your work process or tips for your holiday to Bali are common conversion topics when working with me.

“The best thing about our collaboration with Dion is that he actively thinks along with your business”

Jeroen & Bas Meijerink – Een Maatje Minder

Dion Pereira

Ik ben de expert in Google Ads, maar jij bent de expert in jouw bedrijf. Ik adem zoekgegevens binnen de context van jouw bedrijf, begrijp jouw producten en feeds, veranderingen in de markt en branche-updates. Mijn campagnebeheer is een proces van samenwerking, waarin ik met jou samen werk om jouw campagnes te creëren, optimaliseren en continu te verbeteren.

My winning approach

Are we a match?
In a 20-30 min call, we look at your challenges as well as your opportunities. Is this something I can help you with? How much marketing budget do you have? Can I add enough value?
Google Ads action plan
Based on our conversation and a scan of your Google Ads and Google Analytics account, I will develop and present an action plan and specify how I will level up your Google Ads game.
Account build
A structurally sound, best-practice based account build is the first step to success. From setting up conversion tracking to writing winning ads.
Optimize, grow, repeat.
Let the fun begin! Now your campaigns are launched, it's time to collect data. That's right, data. It takes about 2-3 months to collect enough data to see which keywords, ads and audiences are converting well compared to the rest. Once there's enough data, I can start optimizing and improve the results. You'll get a user friendly report every month that is full of insights.

What clients say about me

"As Marketing Director at 4me I worked with Dion for more than a year now. He is taking care of our Google and LinkedIn ads. I appreciate his pro-active suggestions for improvements and his over-all engagement. He is also open to get familiar with new systems and research to find solutions."
Annette Großer
Marketing Director - 4me
"After working together with a marketing agency for a while, we were looking for a Google Ads specialist. The personal approach was hard to find at the marketing agency and the performance was also mediocre.

In the first month of our collaboration with Dion, he proved that he is a true specialist in Google Ads and everything that comes with it. Within 1 month he reduced the cost-per-lead 3x, significantly increased the volume and we optimized the landing pages together.

The best thing about our collaboration with Dion is that he actively thinks along with your business. It's not a "you ask, we run". He is really involved with your business and the results and comes up with good suggestions for testing and optimisation.

In addition to the great results, communication with Dion is also very pleasant. He explains everything clearly, is very pleasant and you can have a good laugh with him.

In recent years we have worked with many freelancers and marketing agencies, Dion stands head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks for everything Dion!"
Bas & Jeroen Meijerink
Founders - Een Maatje Minder
"We have been working with Dion for several months regarding our SEA campaigns. In a very short time, he has been able to use our budget much better and our costs per lead are more than 4x lower than at the end of 2022! In addition, we score a large number of extra conversions per month! Dion delivers what he promises and knows his stuff. I highly recommend him!"
Joris Meesters
Co-Founder - JS Trouwauto's
"A good Google Ads specialist not only sends as many visitors as possible to the website, but guarantees with the right advertisements that the visits actually lead to conversions. We used to arrange our SEA internally, but since we started working with Dion, we have only really seen a significant increase in the number of conversions. The proof that you need SEA expertise to achieve results and it's not something you just "do it on the side". Deploying an external SEA specialist can be a challenge when specific product knowledge is required, but we have found a mode in this by writing the ad texts ourselves and having them fine-tuned by Dion. In this way we guarantee our tone-of-voice and Dion ensures that we achieve the right results with the advertisements!"
Anouk Mulders
Marketing Manager - Hoffelijk
"Very high level of knowledge, fast communication and gets the most out of everything. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to take the next step online!"
Ralf van Veen
Founder - Up Agency
"It was very pleasant to work with Dion last year, he and his colleague always respond quickly and are happy to think along with you. They have all the knowledge and skills you expect from a Digital Marketing Specialist agency. The reporting/analysis of the activities and its impact that is provided monthly is very valuable and provides the information you need to properly monitor campaigns."
Stefan Huissteden
Owner - Huissteden Naaimachines
"It was pleasent working together with Dion and with the expected results. Definitely recommended 👍💪"
Kevin Zeelen
Founder - Kitchen Perfect
"It was great working together with Dion. He knows his stuff, cares about your business, gives suggestions, shows initiative and communicates well. I can definitely recommend him!"
Remco Colaris
Owner - RC Car Care
JS Trouwautos
Ralf van Veen
Kevin Zeelen
RC Car care

Ready to grow your business with high quality traffic?


In 2021, the average Google Ads cost per click is about $1 to $2 on the Google Search network. It can reach up to $10 – $13 depending on the industry (for example legal or SaaS). You can set a daily budget, so you’ll never spend more than your allocated marketing budget.

I work with a one-time setup fee + a monthly retainer, ranging from € 1.000,- to € 2.500,-. The amount depends on the amount/types of campaigns, targeting & complexity. This is excluding the ad spend for Google Ads.

In order to achieve profitable results (ad spend + management fee), your monthly budget needs to be at least € 1.000,-. Ideally your budget would be € 3.000,- and up. I’ve managed monthly budgets ranging from € 1000,- up to € 30.000,-

A successful Google ad campaign will take at least 3 months to mature and then approximately 4-12 months to develop into a strong campaign. Google needs to use a lot of processing time to collect a good amount of data to effectively serve your ad to the right audience.

This doesn’t mean that you need to wait 3 months for Google Ads to be profitable. It is even possible that it’s profitable right of the bat, but don’t count on it.

It’s my job as a Google Ads specialist to set up your Google Ads account for success and I’ve achieved great results for my clients. That being said, I can’t guarantee results (no one can). What I can guarantee is that I will do everything in my power to make Google Ads successful for your business. If the initial strategy doesn’t work, I’ll revise the strategy and look for missed opportunities based on the available data. Another pair of eyes (I work together with other experts) can sometimes lead to new (winning) insights.

As you might have read it in my testimonials, I actively think along with your business. From optimizing landing pages to branding. I work together with a variety of experts in other fields (branding, social ads, SEO) and have picked up a lot of best practices, which I love to share with you.

And sometimes it’s just the product or offer that doesn’t work. Google Ads is a great way to find out quickly (compared to SEO, which will take way longer) whether your product or offer is a winner, needs some tweaking or just doesn’t work.

Invest in growing your business.
Invest in the power of Google Ads!