What I do.

As a freelance SEA & SEO specialist, I work for international clients in various industries on short and long term base. Whether your company is a SMB or a huge brand, I will treat you as my top client. Personal advice and understandable, transparent reports. So we can discuss the things that matter and get closer to achieving your business goals. By keeping up to date with the latest updates, guidelines and techniques, I am able to keep my clients one step ahead of the competition.

My skillset.

I focus mainly on AdWords, SEO and social advertising. I value complementary skills that allow me to do my work better and gives me and my client insights that we otherwise wouldn’t have.

I’m available for working for direct clients and for agencies.

Besides online marketing, I’m also interested in web design and development, graphic design, branding and sales. Through my holistic view, I won’t only focus on one or two aspects of online marketing. I see it as a whole. Compare it to a car: every part of the car is essential to work and a beautiful car can be a nightmare under the hood. A good mechanic is usually not the best in custom paint jobs or selling the car. That why I often partner up with someone who can complement my services. It enables me to offer the services of a full service agency, but stick to my own specialties. It’s better to get your car parts from the same manufacturer than two different ones.

Sounds interesting?

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I'm not around right now. But you can send me an email and I'll get back to you, asap.

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